As you sort through your closet, ask yourself these key questions:

Does it fit?
Does it flatter?
Is it in good condition?
Is it a classic piece or just trendy and dated?
Have I worn it recently (past year)?
Do I feel confident when I wear it?
Does it represent me, what I am or what I want to be in life?
Does it give me pleasure?

Remember Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry always accepts donations for Big Brother Big Sister all year. Our Earth Day Clothes Drive is going on now through April 22.

Pay Attention To How You Store Your Knitwear

When we think of popular winter knitwear, cashmere and wool easily come to mind.  These are great fibers! They breathe.  They are warm.  They are readily biodegradable (making them eco-friendly). However, they also deserve proper care.  From moths to mildew, the perils are endless.

First and foremost:  Keep them clean.  Skin cells, hair, perspiration, body oils, food stains, all serve as an attraction to critters that can cause irreparable damage.

Next, keep them dry.  Don’t put them away damp or store them in a humid or damp atmosphere.  Moisture is an invitation to mildew problems.

Finally, never hang your knits on a hanger, especially valued wool and cashmere sweaters. Gravity will go to work on them, resulting in the fabric stretching and consequently misshaping. Always fold and store flat instead.




Comforter And Blanket Care Tips

Washing large comforters and blankets requires equipment big enough to handle the bulk and to provide for the thorough cleaning and rinsing of detergents.  The size and composition of comforters and blankets are also so large, it takes properly sized dryers for them to dry them properly, an essential factor in preventing post washing mildew and mold issues.

Finally, it’s essential that you use the right detergent formulation to provide a true hygienic clean.

That’s why you want to turn to us to care for your down comforters and luxury textiles (like merino, alpaca and cashmere) to ensure that they’re hygienically cleaned properly and returned to you in the best condition.  We’ve invested in the equipment and tools designed to meet the special needs of items like comforters, duvets, bedspreads, blankets, etc.

Mildew and mold are two frightening words. Professional care is the best way to ensure the long life and integrity of your quality bedding.